Saturday, February 6, 2010

Maytag Mav6200aww Pics Maytag Atlantis MAV6200AWW Washer Problem?

Maytag Atlantis MAV6200AWW Washer Problem? - maytag mav6200aww pics

My Maytag Atlantis is to decipher a strange problem that I can not. When I start the machine, which works perfectly, until it reaches the rinse cycle. Once in the wash water and waste water meets the same time. Will continue to do until you stop it. It makes the whole time. I changed the meter and the switch-level and the water hose. Sometimes they do if the washing machine. I will start the washer, the tub will fill with water, then empty it. Sometimes I do not feel, and drains the water into the tub. Ideas? Thank you.

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